Yolandi Wentzel

My session with Keara was truly unforgettable. I had wanted to do a boudoir shoot all my life and was a bit apprehensive to do it with a complete stranger. Keara has a gift for making you feel at ease and comfortable. That made the world’s difference. She is professional and has great passion for what she does. It’s genuinely inspiring!


Eve Wong

I have had two sessions with Keara and they have both been amazing. She is creative, warm, and puts you at ease immediately. She approaches every shoot with creativity, passion and an infectious enthusiasm. She will collaborate with you on a vision for the style and art direction of the shoot with a focus on the emotive and textural feeling you’re wanting to capture. The result is not just a set of gorgeous photographs, but a cohesive mood and story. I love that the focus when working with Keara is not just the images that are produced at the end, but on your entire experience from beginning to end.


Rehane Abrahams

I truly enjoyed working with Keara – she made me feel very comfortable, accepted and at ease. – I had permission to express myself in ways that I don’t often allow. I felt like she saw what was beautiful in me, instead of trying to make me conform to some standard – like as though the complexity of me could flourish in the moment and be caught in an image


Lara Hatton

I had so much fun shooting with Keara. She really puts you at ease with her kind direction. We accomplished a lot in the quick hour and the photos were so incredible I had to order them all. Look forward to working with her again in the future. Highly recommend her for ladies who want to feel beautiful in their own skin!



Daniella van Niekerk

What a divine experience! This woman, this Shewolf, this creative Goddess is so incredible at holding space. 🙂 I have had 2 shoots done with Keara in two very different stages of my life and I have been delighted at what energy she has captured and immortalized in her photography. It has really helped me to find comfort in my skin. xx She creates a sweet environment always, I feel so comfortable with her. 🙏🏽 She’s truly an inspiration to all of us to appreciate our bodies in all their forms.




“Dear Person, Body and Friend, I am a size 18 and really struggle with mirrors and photos and boyfriends touching my stomach. Over the last two years, I’ve been frustrated by the limitation this insecurity puts on me, so I did something about it. I joined dance classes and started making my own clothes (VERY liberating!) I also curated my Instagram and Pinterest accounts so that my newsfeed showed ONLY plus size women, which is MY normal. Confidence grew and then shrank and then flashed and then would disappear down to nothing – isn’t this always the nature of our relationships with our bodies? There are two things that I did that made all the difference, both of them were photo shoots with Keara. I learnt that it isn’t about how my body matches the expectations of others or even of myself, it is about how my body is my body. The process of taking off my clothes and being photographed was terrifying, but so so liberating. By the end of the first shoot, being naked felt so right! Fearing that the photographs would only showcase just how blobby I am, I opened Kearas email with great trepidation. But there I stood, in glorious technicolor, naked as a jay bird and not looking like a collection of flaws, but rather as the Valkyrie version of myself. If you look, you’ll see my saggy tummy, but if you look properly, you’ll also see a free, beautiful, powerful woman. Take the leap and book the shoot. Trust me, it is worth it!”


“I was not feeling particularly feminine or sexy and went into my Boudoir shoot with trepidation. Keara and Monique gently eased me into the process. Monique’s artistry transformed me into a younger version of myself, it was as if I had been at a health spa for a week or so. I started off feeling a bit awkward – I have never felt comfortable in front of the camera – after about 20 minutes I was whipping off my clothes with abandon. My inner goddess was coaxed out by the way Keara told me to breathe, arch my back and stretch. I must say I was absolutely knackered at the end of the session and looked forward to seeing the pictures. I certainly didn’t expect the elegantly wrapped gift bag with love and care that Keara brought me. The photos were exquisite, they look like me but my goodness I am sensual, elegant and my outlook on life has certainly changed. I look in the mirror now and see a confident, sensual woman who is in her prime.” Want to know more? Check out BONNIE’s blog post – A write up about her boudoir session.


“Keara is a woman of vision. Through her artistic and tasteful eye, she both empowers and helps woman connect to their inner Goddess. Hubba Hubba! All the seduction, none of the sleeze. Simultaneously boosting my confidence, and helping to release inner fears about all those niggly body image insecurities and issues. Keara makes it easy and is such a cheerful pleasure to work with. A perfect combination of bestie and sister in one. She encouraged me to step into my beauty.

To own it. Fully awake and glowing. I was astounded. Deeper and more lovely yet, was her intention to bring healing to the chakras and an abundance self-love into the world through her photography. As for the final photos, let’s just say, I have never looked more beautiful and sexy or felt more proud. She played up my hot, deep red, curly hair and delightful dimple deliciously. (Not the ones in my bum). I would recommend Keara to anyone looking for the ultimate womanly experience.” Love Fabia.


“Being a part of a shoot experience with Keara is definitely something out of the ordinary. Being asked to be a muse for her camera is a journey of sensual excitement and playfulness. My partner and I had so much fun. She captured something that we had never before been brave enough to share”


“I am still in awe – when I look at the pics – it is like a different person . You gave me something I thought I would never get back and for years I thought I had it back- you gave me the true reflection in the mirror. Thank you”

Tenille Joy Lindeque-Joshua

Thank you for the wonderful experience in studio, we had such a blast shooting with Keara, and she managed to bring out something unique in each member or our troupe.

Denaè Braam

“Thank you so much for always making me look beautiful. This will be a priceless gift for nick!! I will never be able to top this anniversary gift. Thank you for always backing my ideas and making them come to life with such ease and for making me look so timeless and graceful. Love you.”