The difference between Fine Art Printing and Canvas Printing & which one is the best option for you?

July 19, 2017

Here we take a look at the difference between Fine Art Printing and Canvas Printing & which one is the best option for you… So let’s start here:

Canvas Printing

 Canvas prints are very popular these days, they give your space that classic art gallery feel. 

Canvas prints will help dress up any room giving it a focal point or multiple focal points when more than one canvas is presented.  A canvas product is ready to hang and only requires a nail or a few nails to balance the print on your wall.

 Pro’s: Easy, convenient & great quality.

Con’s:  Unless you get this canvas framed dust will eventually settle on the canvas and cause dust smudges. Prices do not include frames.

2810009604_0f519e4868_bCanvas panorama | by AMagill Canvas panorama

Fine Art Printing

Rich, saturated colors; deep dark tones and finely nuanced light tones.  The highest quality of printing possible. It starts with great professional photography and an expert printer and retoucher to understanding printing, using a professional printer with professional papers. Fine Art Printing is the best quality printing that you can find. 

Pro’s: Higher quality, long lasting archival quality (100+ years),  beautiful textures, exceptional quality, a more sophisticated look and feel for your home. Custom sizes (therefore if you have a frame at home you can have a print made for that frame!). 

 Con’s: Prices do not include frames, to keep your print safe you must have the photo framed. 

A fine art print fresh from the printer. Ready to go to framing.

*Already have an empty frame at home? Custom size fine art prints available! Fill that empty frame at home.


4c0d0d_ce6f3d2375bc473f988c5da1ef1e07cb~mv2_d_3648_5472_s_4_2.jpgABOVE IMAGE: She Wolf Couple Boudoir Photo Session

We recommend you visit a framer as fine art paper will absorb any natural oil from your finger tips and it will show on your photo a few years down the line. 

Now that you have a better understanding of the differences, and pro’s and con’s of a fine art print and a canvas print you can move on to the fun part, and finally enjoy the pleasure of seeing your room come to life with the new personal artwork!

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